September 2020 – a New Dawn

2019 Ended with some amazing projects in Samoa, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands. We had opportunity in Swaziland, Tanzania and Lesotho with lots of quotes in in Vanuatu, Namibia, Nigeria and Botswana.

Set for a great 2020 – and then…


… the world ended. Not with a bang or a whimper – more with a sniffle and a cough. Covid 19 dominated the world press and seeped into our everyday lives. We saw the end of children’s birthday parties, the end of day to day office life and the start of the great unknown. Even as I sit here in Augrabies writing this post, South Africans cannot leave the country and even if they could, they would be spending inordinate amounts of money and time in quarantine to access any other country.

Work has dwindled across the globe and huge sums of money disappeared in the name of “safety”. Economies have contracted and jobs have been lost. Almost like a reset button was pressed and the world hiccuped.

So what did we do to make a positive difference in the face of all of this?

Complaining about the situation is easy and all well and good when your government is as corrupt as South Africa’s. Waiting for them to help is pointless, so we need to help ourselves. What have we done to make 2021 great?


Route Geographic Consultants has embarked on a whole new field of survey. We have embraced the changes the world is facing and we are investing time and money into new technology that makes our clients lives safer and easier. In a world where travel has overnight become expensive and difficult RGC is stepping into that gap and will take this pressure off you, our valued clients. We pride ourselves on over 20 years of working in hard to get to places such as central DRC, Angola, the mountains of PNG, Nigeria central, the highlands of Ethiopia, to name but a few.

Working together with some of our more skilled colleagues across the globe we now have the capability to provide condition surveys of road corridors that include:

  • Profilometer scans
  • Visual road surface crack monitoring
  • Rut depth measurements
  • Roughness indexing
  • Horizontal alignments tied to WGS84 for accurate referencing
  • Traffic counts
  • Furniture and feature identification for the full road corridor width
  • Ground and aerial based GNSS linked imagery both still at fixed chainages as well as video

The above information is presented on the QGIS platform with simultaneous multiple screens for ease of reference and position accuracy. All info can also be output as a simple XLSX file and geo-referenced images as well as a point cloud file for the road surface to an accuracy in height of under 5 millimeters.

This means that the engineers can keep their time and manpower commitments on site to a minimum whilst having the ability to commit more time to data analysis and design without the costs of travel.

And our pricing, through new technology implementation rather than quality compromise, is the same, if not better, than you can do at cost as Engineers!


Route Geographic Consultants has been upgrading equipment, investing in new tech and conducting training of staff and directors during this period. We have strengthened our contacts and grown our offering platform.

The future is good and this reset of the world has given us new insight into the markets demands so we, as a team of dedicated professionals you know and trust, can continue serving you as the industry leaders you’ve come to know us as.


2021… a new dawn is coming and we are, and will continue to be, ready…


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