Finishing Strong and Looking Ahead

This is a quick update on the end of a tumultuous year for many people, Route Geographic Consultants included. In 2020 we saw so many promising quotes and options just grind to a halt. Work we were excited to see come to fruition evaporate like mist on a sunny summers day. And revealed by this disappearance were other opportunities missed before!

End of 2020

The shock of Covid-19 and the contraction of world-wide spending left many folk in limbo. Without a clear strategy for the future as their gains of the past were eroded away. It has taken some amazing people, friends and relatives – The Prime Minister of Eswatinini Mr Mandvulo Dlamini; our long time friend and confidant, Mr Lindifa Mamba; our co-directors wife’s mother and others – may they rest in peace.

For us at RGC we had to focus on what we still had – our local clients, our international contacts and our change in direction as an industry as a whole. I have been saying for several years now that Survey was set to change. With the advent of open sourced data and software platforms such as TopoMaps, Google Earth, QGis and the like, survey was going from providing quality data collected on site manually, to quality management and analysis of data collected by third parties or remote sensing.

To do this efficiently one needs a base of operations that is administratively strong, with a well qualified core leadership structure. After successfully getting rid of the bad apple in our firm in 2017 (at great cost financially, yet worth every penny and more), RGC has focused on this core and we are benefitting from this now, three years down the road.

Thanks to fantastic support from our industry partners, Dave Biggert, Roughton International, LTA, LT Surveys Samoa and SMEC; as well as our committed and dedicated private clientele such as Mr J Budodi, Mr T Kirk, Mr J. Rudolph and others in Eswatini; coupled further with great support from Governments and funders such as the UKEF, the British High Commission and various other agencies; RGC has been busy paving the way for the future of our firm and once again reinventing our offering.

Administratively we have strengthened our platform with the introduction of new accounting systems, administrative company management systems and a robust re-assessment of CV’s and cloud filing mechanisms. Older equipment has been sold, all current equipment serviced and the teams of staff re-positioned to ensure quicker and more accurate turn around of data.

Start of 2021

Socrates said “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”.

2021 may have started much the way 2020 ended up being, but it is the year that we will be building the new. The year of beginnings that will see us serving you, our clients, even better than we ever did before.

With the imminent start of projects negotiated successfully in 2020 and the completion of some large projects ongoing from December, RGC is excited to see the new year begin. We are ever hopeful that some of the projects quoted for a start in 2020 (that were put on hold) will still come to fruition and we are facing forward to meet the challenges that are sure to come.

Growing the Pie

It is with special thanks, always, to our friends and colleagues over these hard times. Staying in the game when the whole industry takes a turn for the worst can be achieved in two ways – you can try and destroy opponents and eat as much of the pie as you can, or you can look at opportunities to grow the pie bigger and keep your % the same. The first approach leaves you satisfied for the immediate but starving long term, the second will give you a share of a much larger and more sustainable pie! RGC has always been proud to be part of a bigger, more sustainable picture. With this in mind we have forged several new alliances across countries, with expansion into Botswana (Precision Drones); UK (MicroDrones); South Pacific (LT Surveys); Middle East (Tallow Africa) and ongoing collaboration in Europe with Kaden Surveys.

This expansion has focused on new technology in the sphere of laser scanning and aerial drone surveys.

In addition we have teamed up with Roughton International to develop aerial and ground based solutions to Road Condition surveys and traffic counts.

Thanks to each of these firms and their directors for working through some complicated and at times frustrating concepts that work well on paper but needed trial and error to become a reality. RGC now offers a wider range of survey solutions internationally that incorporate the new tech, of primary importance and excitement is the introduction of Road Condition Surveys to our wealth of expertise.

UKEF – Export Finance

Even as the world faces huge slow down’s and the need for ethical distribution of wealth, so the oldest Export Finance organisation steps in to the gap. With over 100 years of exporting finances across the globe, the United Kingdom Export Finance has expanded their business model and increased the financial options available to countries at AAA bond rates only available to OECD partner countries. We have seen successful financing in Africa of projects in Angola, Ghana, Benin, etc.

2020 Has been no different here in the Southern African Region. Eswatini alone has had their cover increased from £50 Million to over £500 million in 2020. Tanzania has gone well over the £1 billion mark. With interest rates hovering around just over 2% per annum over up to 18 year periods, the NPV of loans to these countries can be over 33%! This is a lending scheme that is virtually free and has never been so attractive as it is today. Any countries not considering these options are obviously not needing to see their development dreams become a reality.

See our web page for more details on this

Special mention

We would lastly like to make special mention of the successful completion and new qualification attained by Mr B. Edwards. A father and dedicated husband to his beautiful wife and child, a personal friend and fellow director, he has finally completed his BSc Quantity Surveying – a second degree and one that we hope to see benefit and grow our business even further. He has done this in the face of extreme difficulty – building a new house, having Covid-19, losing his mother in-law. A massive and well deserved WELL DONE!!

RGC wishes you all a great 2021 and look forward to a year that brings us all rewards through hard work made possible through opportunities realised.

Please note that our web page has been overhauled and updated and I would ask that you take a look at the new offerings and updated existing offerings presented. Thank you again for all your continued support


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