B8 Road from Malindi to the T-Junction on A3 - 331 kilometres, Kenya

Africa / DTM / Engineering Surveying / Geodetic Control / GNSS / Kenya / Mapping / Road Survey

CLIENT: World Bank/Kenya National Highways Authority

YEAR: 2016

RGC supported the detailed design of 331 kilometres of road through urban, peri-urban and rural areas. Historic data was collated, the existing control researched and located (where possible).  A discussion regarding local datum transformations was had with the local surveyor. A WGS84 Datum GNSS network was established, topographic mapping completed and concreted control beacons placed every 1km. The local system was identified and a suitable datum transformation recommended. RGC provided topographic mapping of each location showing all relevant details; culvert inventory, vertical alignment details and survey data.  A Digital Terrain Model (DTM) was generated.

For the last 100km the survey team were under Kenyan Police escort due to security concerns.