Our Engineering Survey team specializes in:

  • Control surveys
  • Digital Terrain Modelling
  • Engineering surveys for construction and construction monitoring
  • Aerial mapping
  • Point Cloud Data Manipulation
  • Horizontal and Vertical Road design
  • Basic Road construction drawings with a brief BoQ for tender purposes

All outputs are in digital or hardcopy that suit client’s needs.


Maintaining the highest standard of current technology, RGC uses the latest processing and digital terrain modelling equipment and software to ensure data compatibility with the latest industry trends.

  • Dual Frequency Real Time GNSS
  • Post Processing GNSS
  • Total Stations
  • Latest processing and digital terrain modelling software
  • Point Cloud software

Control Surveys

  • As-built Survey
  • Geodetic Survey
  • High Precision Measurement and Monitoring
  • Deformation Survey

Digital Terrain Modelling

  • Topographical survey
  • Underground Services
  • Architectural/Structural Surveys
  • Aerial Surveys

Engineering surveys for construction and construction monitoring

  • Setting out of construction projects
  • Construction Surveying
  • Monitoring construction projects

Aerial Mapping

RGC has an impressive history of successful aerial work carried out in over 15 different countries, under often difficult circumstances. RGC offers several platforms for aerial surveys, fixed wing, helicopter and drone. This affects the time and cost of a project. RGC can tailor make projects to suit the client’s needs and budget. Our dedicated Drone page outlines the latest technology available for a realistic budget price to suit every pocket. For final design criteria to be met, however, a fixed wing or helicopter mounted LiDAR solution is the Rolls-Royce of our aerial offering.


RGC works closely with Tallow Africa Limited out of a base in Johannesburg, operating two airborne survey systems, comprising LiDAR and integrated medium-format cameras.

The Leica ALS80 LiDAR system is the current state-of-the-art LiDAR system from Leica Geosystems. It offers a scan rate of 1 million points per second, which yields point densities up to five times that of older generation LiDAR systems.

In addition, the 4-band 80-megapixel Leica RCD30 camera flown in conjunction with the LiDAR system, yields full-colour and near-infrared geo-referenced orthophotos at very high resolution. Furthermore, for projects requiring the highest possible resolutions in the optical spectrum, the twin-camera system from Phase One, comprising two 3-band 100-megapixel cameras is available.

Drone Surveys

See our dedicated Drone Surveys page for more details.

Point Cloud Data Manipulation

As our clients needs have changed, so too has the software requirements and data analysis. Too often the data being asked for and received is in a format that the Engineer cannot use in any meaningful way. We offer the service of taking point cloud data and converting it to traditional Digital Terrain Models and vectored break-in drawings with a TIFF underlay. The data is scrutinised for inconsistencies and quality defects and a full report on the survey information submitted is produced as part of the digitising and conversion process.

Horizontal and Vertical Road Design

The ongoing need for a road design to avoid properties and costly relocation of people has led Engineers to task RGC with the basic alignment of roads needing to be built. This speeds up the Engineering process and places the onus of unavoidable land appropriation on the Land Legal experts – RGC. Using the same software we produce the National Networked linked mapping in, RGC can easily design the road alignments to suit.

  • Ensuring no unnecessary land acquisitions
  • Allowing faster turn around times for the Engineering design teams
  • Ensuring quality of ground data
  • Working to specific design speed and site distance requirements
  • Overcoming software compatibility issues

All designs are issued as Horizontal Alignment strings with the requisite Vertical component for easy upload to the Engineers software. Profiles and drainage can be incorporated as part of the process by RGC if clearly defined by the Engineers or done on the issued electronic data by the Engineers themselves. Our fees as a firm to produce this are substantially less than those of the Engineers and are often even cheaper than the Engineers actual costs.

Please see our portfolio.

Construction Drawings and BoQ

This is a solution for basic roads that need local contractors to build. RGC offers a basic set of construction drawings and a simple Bill of Quantities at a price that cannot be beaten per kilometre. With these drawings a quick and no nonsense tender process can be followed and the client knows within a very narrow window the ultimate costs they could be facing when building a road.