Denysville to Heilbron and Koppies to Schonkenville Roads, South Africa

Africa / Cadastral / Chartered Land Survey / Geographic Information Systems (GIS) / Land Information System (LIS) / Land Registration / South Africa

CLIENT: Mol Pro Consultancy (Pty) Ltd

DATE: 2016/17

The roads from Deneysville to Heilbron and Koppies to Schonkenville were being upgraded.  RGC was contracted to provide land acquisition advice for upgrading of the two roads.  RGC undertook a full document search of Surveyor General (SG) data, met with famers, provided subdivision of properties for servitudes and pegging on the ground.

The detailed work entailed

  • Verifying the existing road servitude, if there was one, and relating it to a common system of control and reference
  • Establishing control along the road corridor or verifying and recalculating existing control to ensure homogeny with the cadastral control system.
  • Comparing the new design to the existing road way by means of surveying the existing road centerline and edges off the verified control.
  • Establishing the properties affected and the area of these properties.
  • Working alongside the environmental and socio economic teams to make contact with each of the affected land owners.
  • Pegging the new road reserve through the affected properties and liaising with the consultant and land owners on site to show these parcels.
  • Finalising all pegging and cadastral information requirements
  • Submitting to the local Land Survey department for official registration of the Right of Way Servitude.