Benin Municipal Road Network Upgrade, Nigeria

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Client: The Governor of Benin

Year: 2018/2019

Country: Nigeria

131 kilometres of road network in and around the city of Benin in Nigeria. The roads needed to be surveyed, with initial control established and linked to the overall network. Bench marks levelled and the existing roads and drainage network identified for survey.

The current area is very flat and is prone to flooding. The local design is to build a serious of moats that run through the area. The moats are clay lined and are dug out to provide slightly lower points for the water to drain to and then be taken to low points further away. Because of the roads initially being designed with smaller than required drainage, no facility made for dirt and rubbish to be cleared out and little to no ongoing maintenance, the existing surfaced roads have fallen into disrepair and at times destroyed completely.

RGC resurveyed the network of roads, then did a full set of design drawings on Road Maker software with input from the engineers on pavement types and profiles as well as drainage required. All horizontal/vertical alignment design as well as earthwork quantities and concrete quantities were calculated by RGC. All drawings for the contractors construction works were produced by RGC. Several roads have already begun being constructed and the overall costs on the project have been reduced per kilometre of road with a better drainage design and a more socio friendly horizontal and vertical alignment design.