SAPPI Land Donation and Sale, Swaziland

Additional Specialist Services / Africa / Cadastral / Chartered Land Survey / Funding / Geographic Information Systems (GIS) / Land Information System (LIS) / Land Registration / Swaziland

Client: SAPPI/King’s Office Swaziland
DATE: 2008-2014

In 1991, 72000 hectares of land was donated to the Swazi Nation but the land was never transferred from SAPPI ownership. In the interim years to 2008 these land parcels were consolidated, subdivided and over time they had name designators changed.  The 1991 agreement included land parcels that were concession land and these fell away in 1994.  Several anomalies existed between the list produced of land in 1991 and the actual land parcels registered at the deeds registry that did not tie up.

Working with Tibiyo, RGC (then MnS) undertook a full investigation into ownership of SAPPI’s forestry lands to deliver a new schedule of exclusions and inclusions for the Usutu Royal Trust. This formed the nexus of the billion Emalangeni deal made through the office of the King in Swaziland and NHR Holdings.

RGC (MnS) worked closely with the Registrar, SAPPI GM and lawyers as well as the head of TIBIYO Swaziland.  We isolated the land parcels, identified the owner’s details, updated the land information and quantified the overall lands being transferred.  Transfers were completed a Deed of Servitude registered over the land so SAPPI could then sell their interests in Swaziland.

All work done was used as part of the due diligence and was found to be reliable data easily searched through an up-to-date GIS system.